'Tainted' Cong is dreaming of snatching power but INDIA bloc is vanquished in 2 phases of polls: PM

PM Modi on Monday said the Congress, despite its "tainted background", is dreaming of snatching power in the country unaware that the INDI alliance is already vanquished in the first two phases of Lok Sabha elections.
PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Solapur | Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the Congress, despite its "tainted background", is dreaming of snatching power in the country unaware that the INDI alliance is already vanquished in the first two phases of Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a rally in Solapur, Modi said a 'mahayudh' is going on in the INDI bloc over leadership and they have come up with a formula of "five PMs in five years", who will eventually loot the country.

He said the people have tested him for 10 years whereas there is a leadership crisis in the INDIA bloc.

"In this election, you will choose the guarantee of development for the next 5 years. On the other side, there are people, who before 2014, gave the country corruption, terrorism, and non-governance. Despite its tainted history, Congress is once again dreaming of snatching power in the country but they do not know that in the first two phases of polls, the INDI alliance is vanquished," said Modi.

You have tested Modi for 10 years, you have seen his every step and measured his every word. On the other hand, a 'mahayudh' is going on in the INDI alliance over leadership, he said.

"Will you give the reins of the country in someone's hand who has not decided the name or face (of PM candidate)? Will anyone make that mistake?" he asked.

Targeting the opposition bloc, Modi said some people have been creating rifts in the country to snatch power and have come up with a formula of "five PMs in five years".

"One year, one PM. The first one will loot as much as he wants, the second will continue to loot, and then the third, fourth and fifth will also do the same," he said.

Taking a jibe at Uddhav Thackeray, Modi said the "nakli" Shiv Sena says they have multiple options for leadership.

"Can the country run on this formula of 'five PMs in five years'? In reality, they don't want to run the country and are not concerned about your future. They just want to eat 'malai' (alluding to corruption)," he said.

In the last 10 years, the emphasis of the Central government was on “true” social justice, whereas Congress worked to stall the rights of SCs, STs, and OBCs in its 60-year rule, Modi said.

He said Maharashtra is the land of social justice.

"You have seen Congress' rule of 60 years and also seen 10 years of Modi's seva kaal. The kind of work done in the last 1decade for social justice had not taken place after Independence," Modi said.

He said it is their (Congress') policy to do nothing for backward sections so that they remain 'aashrit' on them, and votes can be sought.

"We granted constitutional status to OBC commission, implemented OBC quota in medical exams, increased political quota for OBCs which is supposed to be raised by 10 years," the PM said.

Without taking away the rights of Dalits, adivasis, or OBCs, the government granted a 10 per cent quota to poor people in the general category, which was welcomed by everyone including Dalit leaders, he said.

"As every child cannot get education in English medium, we allowed students to become doctors in Marathi medium. If they want to become engineers, they can study in Marathi. You can run the country, even if you do not know English," he said.

Modi said Congress never wanted Dalit, adivasi and OBC leadership to lead the country and insulted Dalit leaders.

"Babasaheb Ambedkar got the Bharat Ratna when a BJP-backed government was in power at the Centre. BJP endeavours to give a maximum representation to Dalits and adivasis," he said, adding that NDA made a son of a Dalit (Ram Nath Kovind) and an Adivasi daughter (Droupadi Murmu) Presidents in 2014 and 2019.

Modi claimed Congress and the INDI alliance are "spreading lies" on OBC representation as they have become irritated after being exposed.

"In entire elections, the INDI alliance has only agenda to abuse Modi. They invent new abuses every day. I want to ask them to speak for the Nation. They lacked vision. We have the vision and can transform it into reality," he said.

He alleged the Congress-led opposition is also "spreading lies that the Constitution will be changed (if BJP comes to power again). "Even if Dr Ambedkar comes and wants to change the Constitution, he won't be able to do so," the PM said.

He said it was the opportunity for him to redeem the sins committed by ancestors who had meted out injustice to Dalits and people from backward communities.

Modi claimed the INDI alliance wants to give the share of Dalits and OBCs to minorities.

"I won't allow this ploy. They have already played a game in Karnataka by giving a major share of the quota to minorities. I will not allow this. People from SC, ST and OBC communities faced hardships," he said.

The Congress didn't allow Babasaheb Ambedkar's Constitution to be implemented in Kashmir.

"They insulted the Constitution by inserting Article 370, but Modi abrogated it and gave the people of J&K the right of social justice," he added.

Solapur (SC) seat will see the contest between Congress' Praniti Shinde and BJP nominee Ram Satpute.

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