Hope NDA govt will remain stable and work for strengthening economy: Sharad Pawar

NCP (Sharadchandra Pawar) chief Sharad Pawar and party leader Jayant Patil address the media, in Mumbai, Thursday, June 6, 2024.
NCP (Sharadchandra Pawar) chief Sharad Pawar and party leader Jayant Patil address the media, in Mumbai, Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Pune | NCP (SP) chief Sharad Pawar on Tuesday expressed hope that the BJP-led NDA government will remain stable and initiate economic measures to bolster trade and business.

Addressing traders in Baramati, Pawar maintained that he didn't reflect now on his criticism by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during election campaign and that his focus will be to boost trade and economy in the region with suitable help.

"In politics, differences are there, but the economy should be solid. A strong economy boosts trade and businesses, and today we all expect the same. I hope the government will remain stable and it will take steps to strengthen the economy of the country," Pawar said.

Highlighting the election results in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, Pawar noted that out of 1,250 booths, 1,190 gave a lead to the NCP (SP) candidate, underscoring the voters' discernment.

"This wisdom of voters has been evident not only in this election but since 1967," he added.

In a riveting contest, Pawar's daughter and sitting MP Supriya Sule defeated her sister-in-law Sunetra Pawar, wife of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, from Baramati.

Pawar mentioned that even New York newspapers reported on the Baramati polls.

"Conflicts happen during poll campaign. We criticised them, (PM Narendra) Modi also criticised us. Modi targeted me personally but I don't think about it now. To boost trade, business and economy, I will take the help of them. I don't feel any hesitation in doing so and I need you to be mentally prepared," Pawar told the traders.

Despite some clarifications given about the cancellation of a traders' meet during elections, Pawar dismissed these concerns as unimportant.

"For me, what is important is how I can bring about transformation in the lives of people who voted in large numbers. During the elections, a lot of things were published and telecast, but I remained silent as I knew that people of Baramati are wise, and that wisdom was evident during the voting at the polling booths," he added.

He hailed the Maha Vikas Aghadi's performance in recent polls which contested 48 seats and won 30 in Maharashtra.

Pawar also underlined the need to leverage public wisdom for the betterment of the state and stressed the importance of focusing on the upcoming assembly polls and boosting trade and businesses.

Citing the success of the IT Park in Hinjewadi, which now exports Rs 11,000 crore and employs over 3 lakh people, Pawar recalled how he advocated for setting an IT industry over a sugar mill in that area.

"It became possible because of a qualified generation and steps taken by the then government. Today, where the IT industry is located in Hinjewadi, a sugar mill was supposed to be set up and I was called for the ground breaking ceremony. I performed the ceremony, but I told the gathering that I wanted to set up an IT industry here and not a sugar mill," he said.

"We have now decided to bring big investments to Baramati, Purandar, Indapur, Daund so that more and more people get employment, and for that, I need your cooperation," Pawar added.

He emphasised the need to separate politics from economic initiatives.

"I am working on a dedicated plan for the same, and we will talk to experts, state, and Central government," he added.

Modi had dubbed Pawar a "bhatakti aatma" (wandering soul) during the poll campaign.

After Lok Sabha poll results were declared, Pawar hit back at Modi, saying, "It is good since the soul is eternal and this soul will not spare you".

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