Exit polls completely fake, mind game to discourage opposition: Kejriwal before surrendering

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the AAP office ahead of his surrender at the Tihar jail, in New Delhi, Sunday, June 2, 2024.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the AAP office ahead of his surrender at the Tihar jail, in New Delhi, Sunday, June 2, 2024.

New Delhi | Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said Lok Sabha exit poll results are "completely fake", and asserted the BJP won't form the government on June 4 when results are officially declared.

Several exit polls on Saturday predicted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will retain power for a third straight term, with the NDA expected to win a big majority in the polls.

Addressing Aam Aadmi Party leaders and workers at its office here before surrendering at Tihar jail upon the expiry of his interim bail, Kejriwal said, "Yesterday, the exit polls were aired. Take it from me in writing that all the exit polls are completely fake. There are a total of 25 seats in Rajasthan, an exit poll gave 33 out of 25 seats to the BJP!"

There must have been an "order from above" to give more seats to the BJP, he claimed. "So, the entire exit poll is absolutely false."

"What was the need for them to conduct a fake exit poll just three days before the actual counting?" he asked.

"This needs to be understood. One thing is that they (BJP) have committed a scam of (electronic voting) machines, but I have told this to Dr Sandeep Pathak also and I want to tell the same thing to all the parties of INDIA bloc to tell their counting agents to be fully alert.

"Till the end, even if you are losing, do not get up and leave (the counting halls). Many a times, what happens is that after two to three rounds of counting, when there is a feeling of defeat, people get up and leave in despair. Do not get up and leave," he advised them.

"The slips of VVPAT are matched like the counting of ballot papers. If even a single slip does not match with the machine, that election is cancelled. If you do this checking there, it means we can prevent EVM scam from happening.

"If they have really committed an EVM scam, we can expose it. So, everyone has to wait till the end, even if your candidate is losing, you still have to wait till the end and get the EVM slips matched with the VVPAT slips," he said.

Kejriwal cited some "theories" behind the "high number of seats" predicted in exit polls.

"There is also a theory that they have shown so many seats (in favour of NDA) because their people have invested in the stock market. And tomorrow when the stock market opens, there will be such a bumper gain, that they will sell their shares and escape," he claimed.

He alleged that by showing such high numbers in exit polls, the BJP wants to "put pressure on the bureaucracy for the next three days" and create "an environment to make the officers do wrong things".

"They (BJP) are saying: 'Listen to us, do wrong things, we will manipulate the counting, we will do everything'. But I am telling everyone again that we have to send our counting agents, ROs (Review Officer), AROs (Assistant Review Officer) and everyone trained (well-prepared). We all have to be alert. It will be of no use if we blame them later, we have to be alert now," he asserted.

There is another theory going around that if the exit polls had shown fewer seats for the BJP, there would have been the possibility of a rebellion in the RSS and the BJP against these two, he said, in an apparent jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah without naming them.

"So many theories are going around, but we have to be cautious. My opinion is that their (BJP) government is not going to be formed on June 4. There is no need to be afraid of these exit polls, they are playing mind games to discourage you. Do not be discouraged at all, we have to move forward with the confidence that we are winning. Go till the end with the confidence that you are winning," he said.

This election is not about any party or any leader, but it's about saving this country "The democracy for which Sardar Bhagat Singh and Gandhi ji fought. It has to be saved. The situation is the same even today. The way we removed the British, similarly we have to remove this dictatorial regime," he added.

Arrested in a money laundering case linked to the alleged Delhi excise policy scam, Kejriwal was released from prison on May 10 on interim bail granted by the Supreme Court to campaign in the Lok Sabha polls.

The polls ended on June 1.

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