UGC warns against '10-day MBA' programme, misleading abbreviations for degree nomenclature

UGC warns against '10-day MBA' programme, misleading abbreviations for degree nomenclature

New Delhi | The University Grants Commission has warned the public against fake online programmes with abbreviations similar to recognised degree nomenclature, officials said, flagging a particular "10-day MBA" course.

"Some individuals or organisations are offering online programmes and courses with abbreviated forms similar to the higher education system's recognised degree programmes. One such programme to which the attention of the commission has been drawn is a '10 Days MBA'," University Grants Commission (UGC) Secretary Manish Joshi said.

"The nomenclature of a degree, including its abbreviated form, duration and entry qualification, is specified by the UGC, with the previous approval of the central government, through the publication of a notification in the official gazette," he added.

The UGC secretary clarified that only a university, established or incorporated by or under a central act, provincial act or state act, or an institution deemed to be a university or an institution specifically empowered by an act of Parliament, has the right to confer a degree.

"Higher education institutions are also required to obtain approval from the UGC to offer any online degree programme in terms of the UGC regulations. A list of recognised HEIs (higher education institutions) to offer online programmes and of permitted online programmesis available on," Joshi said.

"Stakeholders are, therefore, advised to ascertain the validity of an online programme before applying or taking admission to any online programme," he said.

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