Rajnath Singh inaugurates military heritage festival; launches project 'Udbhav'

India's Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has launched the project 'Udbhav' to integrate the country's ancient strategic acumen into the contemporary military domain, with a focus on making the force future-ready.
Defence Ministr Rajnath Singh inaugurates Project Udbhav
Defence Ministr Rajnath Singh inaugurates Project Udbhav

New Delhi | Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday launched a project that aims to promote indigenous discourse in the Army by integrating India's ancient strategic acumen into contemporary military domain with a focus on making the force "future-ready".

Singh also inaugurated the first edition of the Indian Military Heritage Festival in Delhi that has been organised to celebrate India's rich military culture and heritage, especially to showcase the "unmatched bravery" of the armed forces in the security of the nation.

About the project 'Udbhav', the defence ministry said it is designed to weave a strategic vocabulary and conceptual framework that is deeply embedded in India's philosophical and cultural heritage.

"It sets the stage for a robust, progressive and future-ready Indian Army that not only resonates with the nation's historical military sagacity but is also attuned to the demands and dynamics of contemporary warfare and diplomacy," the defence ministry said.

"The project signals a series of in-depth research, discussions, studies, and engagements to delve into and disseminate the rich, varied and often under-explored treasures of India's strategic thought and military history," it said in a statement.

It said the present-day military concepts, prevalent globally, have been largely shaped by the research and doctrines of western armies and they do not wholly suffice the unique, localised requirements and the rich cultural-strategic legacy of the Indian Army.

"Through the project, the Indian Army acknowledges that the nation is a treasure trove of ancient texts and manuscripts that delineate sophisticated, varied and contextually rich strategies in statecraft, warfare and diplomacy," the ministry said.

"This project is a significant leap towards evolving new, indigenously-resonant military concepts, building upon and enhancing existing strategies while intertwining them with the rich, diverse tactical and strategic wisdom encapsulated in historical documents," it said.

Project 'Udbhav' is a joint collaboration of the Indian Army and the United Service Institution of India.

The ministry said the Indian Military Heritage Festival aims to celebrate India's rich military culture and heritage, which has evolved over the centuries, through conversations, art, dance, drama, story-telling and exhibitions.

It said the festival will primarily bring forward different understandings and perspectives through panel discussions by eminent scholars, practitioners and serving as well as retired officers.

Chief of the Army Staff Gen Manoj Pande and Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari were among the dignitaries present at the event.

Talking to reporters, Singh said the Indian Military Heritage Festival, which showcases the unmatched bravery and invaluable role of the armed forces in the security of the country in the last few decades, will inspire the youth of the nation.

It will also make them enthusiastic to know more about the Indian military and their gallant deeds, he said.

The ministry said the festival seeks to create a "benchmark" in the domain of public engagement with military history and heritage.

The festival will showcase military culture through military band performances, including the Army symphony band presentation and brass band displays, and a cultural evening.

An exhibition to highlight and celebrate select milestones and achievements in the nation's long and illustrious military history is being organised in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Heritage.

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