Narayana Schools Expands its reach; will open 50 new schools to fulfil dreams

Narayana Schools expands its reach, opening 50 new schools across India
Narayana Schools
Narayana Schools

Hyderabad | In a significant step towards fulfilling dreams of making quality education accessible to students, Narayana Schools is proud to announce the opening of 50 new schools across 10 states and 36 cities in India. This is an addition to the 500 already existing schools across India.

The breakup of these 50 new schools are as follows:

CBSE affiliated schools:

·         Maharashtra – 7 schools in 6 cities

·         Karnataka – 7 schools in 3 cities

·         Rajasthan – 5 schools in 5 cities

·         Uttar Pradesh - 4 schools in 4 cities

·         Madhya Pradesh - 2 schools in 2 cities

·         Tamil Nadu- 2 schools in 2 cities

·         Haryana - 1 school in 1 city

·         Punjab – 1 school in 1 city

State Board affiliated schools:

·         Telangana- 13 schools in 4 cities

·         Andhra Pradesh- 8 schools in 8 cities

Understanding the unique needs of students at different stages of their school journey, Narayana offers age-appropriate programmes. The eKidz programme offers personalized learning for Nursery to UKG students in a safe, secure and hygienic environment. eChamps, for 1st to 5th class students, fosters overall growth in a positive setting, laying a strong foundation for future learning. eTechno, for 6th to 10th class students, prepares them for the challenges of the competitive world and acquaints them with the requisite competitive atmosphere, Narayana acknowledges the role of mental well-being and offers emotional support to its students through its Disha programme, ensuring prompt assistance from the skilled team of counsellors and psychologists. The eTechno programme is designed to enhance individual strengths and address areas needing improvement, while also offering exposure to national and international Olympiads.

Our programmes deliver quality education based on integrated curriculum that has been perfected after decades of research, drawing the best of CBSE, ICSE, IGSE, IB and other syllabi, customised to maximize conceptual understanding of all subjects.

Narayana Schools
Narayana Schools

Narayana Schools has a system refined over the last 45 years and its salient features include: a strong R&D team; an Integrated curriculum and a Tech enabled framework with in-house applications, nConnect and nLearn – online self - learning app.

Dr. Sindhura Narayana, Director of Narayana Educational Institutions, shared her vision and said, "We aim to open at least one school in every district of India in the near future, and these 50 new schools opened this year is a step in that direction.

The system followed at Narayana Schools is unique, catering to students’ individual requirements and this is what sets us apart. We are expanding to ensure that quality education is readily accessible to students, enabling them to fulfil their dreams.”

As Narayana Schools continue to grow and welcome students, they extend a warm invitation to parents and guardians to embark on this thrilling journey of education, development, and achievement. Remaining steadfast in their commitment to empowering students to reach their full potential, Narayana commits to fulfil dreams of millions as at Narayana, your dreams are our dreams.

About Narayana Schools

Narayana Schools, with over 500 branches, forms a large portion of Narayana Educational Institutions, one of Asia's largest and well-respected education groups with over 45 years of legacy in the field of education. Narayana Educational Institutions has a vast network of more than 800 schools, colleges, coaching centers, and professional colleges across 23 Indian states. It has a team of more than 50,000 highly experienced teachers, R&D Heads, and Subject Matter Experts, in addition to the non-academic staff, who help over 600,000 + students every year with their education, from kindergarten to post-graduate studies. The institution is committed to nurturing young minds from kindergarten to senior secondary studies.

Their central focus remains on striking a harmonious balance between the curricular and co-curricular domains so that the students reach their full potential. Furthermore, they offer comprehensive academic programmes tailored to help students realize their ambitions in the engineering, medical, CA, and civil service streams, showcasing their firm dedication to career-oriented teaching. This encapsulates the essence of what Narayana stands for.

To know more, visit us at:

Narayana Schools - ; Narayana Group

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Ritika Jaipuriyar – ; 9167236891

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