Ayodhya consecration proclamation of Ram Rajya: Adityanath

Ayodhya's Consecration: A Proclamation of 'Ram Rajya' by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Ayodhya (UP) | Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said the consecration of the Ram Lalla idol in Ayodhya is a proclamation of 'Ram Rajya', a harmonious society without discrimination.

Now, gunfire will not be heard in the streets of Ayodhya and curfews will not be imposed, he said.

Addressing a gathering of thousands, which included the country's who's who, after the consecration ceremony, Adityanath said this historic occasion of national pride has come after a wait of 500 years and dubbed the Ram temple as the "rashtra mandir" (national temple).

The ceremony was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and watched by lakhs of people on television at their homes and in temples across the country.

About 8,000 people, including seers, people linked to the Ram Janmabhoomi movement and celebrities from fields like entertainment, sports and industry, attended the ceremony.

"It is an emotional moment for all of us and it has come after a wait of 500 years. The whole nation has become 'Ram maye' (immersed in the devotion of Lord Ram). It seems that we have arrived in 'Treta Yug'," the chief minister said.

According to Hindu beliefs, the Ramayana unfolded in the 'Treta Yug', one of the four ages in Hinduism.

"This is the 'rashtra mandir'. Undoubtedly, the consecration of Shri Ram Lalla idol is a historic occasion of national pride," Adityanath said.

"With the grace of Lord Ram... there will be no sound of bullets in the streets of Ayodhya and curfews will not be imposed. The streets here will witness 'Deepotsav', 'Ramotsav' and 'Shri Ram Sankirtan'. The presence of Ram Lalla in Avadhpuri is also a proclamation of Ram Rajya.

"Ram Rajya symbolises a harmonious society without discrimination and is the basis of our prime minister's policies, thoughts and plans," he said.

Adityanath said this is probably the first instance in the world where the majority community of a nation waited almost 500 years for the construction of a temple at the birthplace of their God in their own country.

"Every section of society, including saints, ascetics, Nihangs, intellectuals, politicians and tribals, rose above caste, ideology, philosophy and method of worship and sacrificed themselves for the cause of Ram. Today (my) soul is happy... that the temple has been built exactly where it was resolved to be built," he said.

"Ayodhya... was cursed, neglected for centuries and faced planned humiliation. But the life of Ram taught us patience and restraint. Today, the whole world is admiring the glory of Ayodhya. Everyone is eager to come to Ayodhya. Today, the glory of 'Treta Yug' has descended on Ayodhya. This religious city is being established as the cultural capital of the world," he added.

Blessed is the sculptor who has given shape to the image of Lord Ram that resides in people's minds, the chief minister said.

The 51-inch idol of Ram Lalla was sculpted by Mysuru-based Arun Yogiraj.

Adityanath also thanked the prime minister for the construction of the Ram temple and said when Modi came to power in 2014, Indians were confident that the temple would be built.

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