Varsha Gaikwad pays tribute to Oommen Chandy, calls him an exemplary political figure

Mumbai Regional Congress Committee organizes meeting to remember former Kerala Chief Minister
Various still from the Oommen Chandy remembrance programme.
Various still from the Oommen Chandy remembrance programme.

Mumbai | At a memorial service held for former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, Varsha Gaikwad, the former education minister of Maharashtra and president of MRCC, lauded his political acumen, urging everyone to learn from his illustrious career. The event, organized by the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee, saw several dignitaries and admirers commemorating the legacy of the revered leader.

Gaikwad, in her tribute speech, described Oommen Chandy as a political textbook, asserting that his principles should be emulated by all citizens, especially the younger generation. She highlighted his broad appeal and immense respect he garnered across party lines.

"He was a good personality with a very humble and unassuming lifestyle, having served as Chief Minister twice. As the founder of KSU, he displayed remarkable vision and foresight. If there were more leaders like Oommen Chandy, our country would have witnessed substantial progress," Gaikwad expressed, reflecting on the impact of Chandy's contributions.

Although Gaikwad acknowledged not having had the opportunity for close interaction with Oommen Chandy, she emphasized her thorough study of his political approach, which greatly influenced her understanding of governance.

Mathew Anthony, the President of AIPC Mumbai and a National Spokesperson Panel Member of AICC, fondly recollected how Oommen Chandy's politics served as an inspiration during his college days, emphasizing the profound impact the leader had on the younger generation.

Another notable attendee, Lions Kumaran Nair, a social worker and former MRCC office bearer, proposed the establishment of a political university in Oommen Chandy's name, celebrating his mass appeal and exceptional leadership. Nair expressed his belief that even a small fraction of people adopting Chandy's style of politics could significantly benefit the nation.

The memorial service witnessed a diverse gathering of attendees from various parts of Mumbai, all of whom came to pay their respects and remember the remarkable contributions of Oommen Chandy. Representatives from different organizations, as well as senior leaders of MRCC and Congress, including Moheen Hyder Nasrudin Rai George Abraham Kishore Mundekar Abraham Roy Mani Anthony Philip Biju Rajan, also paid their tributes during the event.

As the event concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of admiration for Oommen Chandy and a shared commitment to carry forward his principles and legacy in the world of politics.

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