SEAL pre-monsoon care for destitute on streets from tomorrow

It will be a concerted effort of communities and cultural groups in Navi Mumbai based on area-wise investigation, rescue and rehabilitation.

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Mumbai | An organized effort led by the SEAL Ashram in Panvel to shield the destitute people on the streets is set to begin on May 22. Navi Mumbai is all geared up for a meticulously planned programme much before the rains. Rescue operations are planned as those on the streets can be easily vulnerable during this season, which could even lead to fatalities due to the worsening of their physical conditions.

Under the banner of 'Before the Onset of Rain', SEAL's volunteers and social and cultural activists have joined hands for this compassionate rescue mission called 'Rescunet 2024'. The Navi Mumbai Police will also be an active participant in the 15-day-long initiative from tomorrow.

It will rescue destitute individuals who face challenges even in having the food provided to them. SEAL's mission goes beyond mere rescue as it involves rehabilitation and ultimately reuniting these individuals with their families. It is the destitute who cannot even take the food given to them themselves and try to rescue them from the streets, rehabilitate them and eventually bring them back to their families. For this, more than 120 beds have been readied this time for the needy. Beggars or anti-social elements do not come under SEAL's ambit.

Volunteer Laiji Varghese said samajs and cultural groups in Navi Mumbai will be participating in the investigation, rescue and rehabilitation efforts, focusing on different regions within the area. So far, around 500 people have been brought back to their homes and the idea of 'before the rain arrives' came after seeing people succumb to the wrath of the monsoon.


SEAL Pastor KM Philip said that the activities were coordinated in such a way that the destitute were brought to the SEAL Ashram, given proper treatment and then reunited with their families.

“Many of those living on the streets seek refuge at SEAL because they struggle to feed themselves. SEAL provides them with the care they need, rehabilitates them and sends them home transformed. These are the individuals SEAL is dedicated to assisting, and the elation they experience upon recovery and reuniting with their families is indescribable. This, ultimately, is SEAL's core mission," Philip added. 

The following volunteers of 'Before the Rain Arrives' can be contacted:

Pastor Biju 9321253899

Jainamma 8108688029

Laiji Varghese 9820075404

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