Pro-Palestine rally: Congress leader Aryadan Shoukath appears before KPCC disciplinary committee

Pro-Palestine rally: Congress leader Aryadan Shoukath appears before KPCC disciplinary committee

Thiruvananthapuram | The disciplinary committee of the Congress in Kerala on Monday heard the explanation from its general secretary, Aryadan Shoukath, regarding his participation in a recent pro-Palestine rally in Malappuram, despite the party's diktat against it.

The KPCC disciplinary committee, led by senior Congress leader Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, said that further clarifications were needed and scheduled another meeting for November 8.

Radhakrishnan, addressing the media after Shoukath's explanation, said that the committee would also hear from DCC members and other party leaders on November 8 before making a decision on the matter.

"Shoukath has given a detailed explanation. We discussed the issue for over two-and-half hours. However, we need more clarity on certain things. He has given a letter. We will decide everything after the meeting on November 8 after hearing from other party leaders," Radhakrishnan said.

The disciplinary committee was formed after Shoukath took part in a pro-Palestine rally organised by the Aryandan Foundation.

Meanwhile, the CPI(M), which extended its support to Shoukath, said any action against the KPCC general secretary would shatter Congress into pieces.

The CPI(M) has reportedly extended its invitation to Shoukath for the pro-Palestine rally scheduled to be held at Kozhikode on November 11.

However, Shoukath, who met the media when he came to give his explanation to the disciplinary committee, said he was a responsible Congress leader and would act accordingly.

"I am a responsible general secretary of the KPCC. If the Congress party has some misunderstanding over my actions, it's my responsibility to clear that up. There is no change in the Palestine solidarity stand. I am a responsible leader. I would like to say that, being a responsible Congress leader, you can imagine my response to such invitations," Shoukath said.

Senior CPI(M) leader A K Balan today said that Shoukath is a strong secular leader in the Congress party.

"He has a strong stand on the Palestine issue. If the KPCC takes any action against Shoukath, then it will be clear that the Congress party has aligned with the BJP's stand," Balan said.

The senior CPI(M) leader extended his support to Shoukath in the event of the Congress leader facing any action. The Congress party will be shattered in case of any disciplinary action against Shoukath, he said.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader K Muraleedharan said the CPI(M) was playing dirty politics by trying to lure its leaders.

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