Personal triumph - Suresh Gopi keeps word, claims Thrissur

The actor’s victory goes beyond political contours and is the result of his dedication to nurture the constituency
Suresh Gopi
Suresh Gopi

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Unwavering resolve and enduring commitment to a constituency despite two notable defeats - one in the Lok Sabha and the other in the Assembly - actor Suresh Gopi has triumphantly fulfilled his promise to claim Thrissur.

This constituency held particular significance, highlighted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's personal involvement in Suresh Gopi's campaign. One of his visits was intertwined with a moment of personal celebration - the wedding of Gopi’s daughter at Guruvayur.

While the BJP can proudly assert that Suresh Gopi was instrumental in heralding the lotus's first bloom in Kerala, his victory transcends mere political triumph. Long before the election fervour took hold, a grassroots movement had already begun to swell in support of the actor. This backing was remarkably apolitical, a testament to the actor's unwavering dedication in nurturing this constituency over the past several years. His triumph is much of a personal victory.

Surpassing mere political strength, which his party lacks in Kerala, Suresh Gopi achieved his triumph through an extraordinary unification of diverse communities rallying around him. Political analysts note that he garnered substantial backing from the Christian community, a constituency historically aligned with the Congress.

Thrissur stands as a battleground marked by the colossal Karuvannur cooperative bank scam, which cornered the CPM. Though Congress leader Anil Akkara was pivotal in unveiling the scandal, it was Suresh Gopi who galvanized the populace with a resolute march from the doors of the tainted bank. His actions quite deeply resonated with the victims of the big bank robbery.

For the CPM, the scandal alienated a substantial portion of its supporters and cast a shadow of scrutiny over numerous leaders. Whispers have been abound of entanglements between the local leadership and the mafia, with speculation that a thorough investigation would unravel these connections and prompt decisive action against many implicated figures.

For the Congress, the aftermath will be rife with political introspection, especially as senior leader K Muraleedharan finds himself relegated to third place. His was an eleventh-hour arrival in Thrissur, replacing the two-time MP TN Prathapan. Muraleedharan had launched the first of the salvo during the post-election KPCC meeting accusing certain leaders of apathy during the campaign, setting the stage for contentious deliberations in the days to come. A senior Congress figure in Thrissur likened the situation to a football match, where crucial passes were missed, and some players even fumbled with detrimental back passes, undermining their own team's efforts.

Ironically, CPM leader and LDF convenor E.P. Jayarajan showcased his political clairvoyance by predicting the BJP's strong performance right at the outset of the campaign when he praised their excellent candidates. Jayarajan, who helmed the party during its most divisive times in the district, would indeed be the one most attuned to the voters' sentiments, was the wry comment of a senior party leader. Yet, it is the CPM, even more than the UDF, that will find itself scrambling to concoct a convincing explanation for the electorate.

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