Man commits suicide in Kerala after attempting to kill three daughters

A man in Kerala commits suicide after attempting to kill his three daughters. His wife left him over a year ago and he was under severe stress. The three daughters are stable.
Joemon, Ramapuram, Kerala
Joemon, Ramapuram, Kerala

Kottayam | A 40-year old man committed suicide on Monday after attempting to kill his three minor daughters.

Jomon, a resident of Ramapuram near here attacked his three daughters, aged 13, 10 and seven before hanging himself, police said.

The incident happened at 12.30 AM.

"He attempted to murder his elder daughter first. But she and the other two daughters ran out of the house. He went after them and attempted to slit their throats," police said.

Hearing the commotion, locals gathered and took the children to a nearby hospital, police said.

Later, Jomon hanged himself inside the house.

"His relatives have claimed that he was an alcoholic and was under severe stress after his wife left him over a year ago," police said.

Police also said the condition of the three children was stable.

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