CPI(M) downplays controversy over martyr's memorial inauguration

M V Govindan
M V Govindan

Kannur (Kerala) | The CPI(M) in Kerala on Sunday sought to downplay the controversy swirling around the forthcoming inauguration of a martyr's memorial honouring two individuals who lost their lives while manufacturing country bombs in the Kannur district nine years ago, describing it as a local issue.

Reacting to a query regarding Congress criticism on the issue, CPI(M) state secretary M V Govindan said it is the party that decides whether he participates in the programme or not.

The CPI(M) faced criticism from the Congress in Kerala after reports emerged that the ruling party's state secretary is set to inaugurate the martyr's memorial on May 22.

"This is a local issue. There is no need to make it a mountainous issue and discuss it in the news. The district leadership of the party has to answer in this regard," Govindan told reporters.

When asked about his reported decision to participate in the programme, he said, "It is the party that decides whether I participate in the programme or not. There is no other discussion about it."

Criticising the decision of the CPI(M) to build a memorial for persons involved in "criminal activities," the Congress on Saturday asked what kind of message this action sends to the people of Kerala.

"The CPI(M) in Kerala is mirroring the actions of terrorist organisations and the Taliban globally. The inauguration of this memorial by the CPI(M) state secretary demonstrates the extent to which the Left party condones terrorism," KPCC chief K Sudhakaran had said in a statement in Thiruvananthapuram.

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