Biker in Kerala fined over Rs 86,000 for 155 traffic violations caught on road camera

Biker in Kerala fined over Rs 86,000 for 155 traffic violations caught on road camera

Kannur | A young man in Kerala has been slapped with a huge fine of over Rs 86,000 by the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) for violating traffic rules a staggering 155 times.

The 25-year-old man who was caught on an AI camera was found riding his two-wheeler without a helmet and carrying two passengers through the Mattool area of northern Kannur district in one of the incidents of rule violation.

What's even more surprising is that the man allegedly made faces before the AI camera, MVD officials claimed.

In addition to the substantial fine, his licence has been suspended for a period of one year. Officials also seized his bike, stating that it would only be returned after the fine is paid.

The action was taken by the Enforcement RTO, Kannur.

The young man received the shocking news when MVD officials visited his residence to deliver the fine receipt.

Despite multiple warning messages sent to his mobile phone and a letter sent to his home, there was no response from him, indicating a blatant disregard for the law, officials said.

Upon realising the severity of the penalty, the man expressed his distress to the officials, revealing that even selling his bike wouldn't generate enough funds to cover the fine.

Despite his plea, the officials explained that they were bound by the law and unable to intervene in this matter.

Officials said the incident highlights the efficacy of the AI cameras installed across Kerala's roads in monitoring and enforcing road safety rules.

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