G20 dinner invite describes Murmu as 'President of Bharat', triggers political slugfest

President Droupadi Murmu has caused a stir by describing her position as President of Bharat on the invitations, instead of the customary President of India. The opposition has accused the Modi government of planning to drop India and stay with just Bharat as the country's name.
G20 dinner invite describes Murmu as 'President of Bharat', triggers political slugfest

New Delhi | Invitations for a G20 dinner have been sent out by President Droupadi Murmu describing her position as 'President of Bharat' instead of the customary 'President of India', triggering a massive furore on Tuesday with the opposition alleging that the Modi government is planning to drop India and stay with just Bharat as the country's name.

Confirming that Bharat has been used as the name of the country in some of the documents relating to G20, sources said it was a conscious decision.

On Tuesday night, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra shared an official information regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Indonesia in which he has been referred to as the "Prime Minister of Bharat".

The Congress on Tuesday attacked the government over a G20 dinner invite referring to President Droupadi Murmu as "President of Bharat", accusing the government of being "scared" of the INDIA bloc and diverting from issues such as price rise and "rising joblessness".

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan shared on X a G20 dinner invitation from President Murmu which described her position as "President of Bharat".

"So the news is indeed true. Rashtrapati Bhawan has sent out an invite for a G20 dinner on Sept 9th in the name of 'President of Bharat' instead of the usual 'President of India'," Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said in a post on X.

"Now, Article 1 in the Constitution can read: Bharat, that was India, shall be a Union of States. But now even this Union of States is under assault," Ramesh alleged.

The G20 Summit is being held in the national capital from September 9 to 10 under India's presidency and several heads of state from across the world, including US President Joe Biden, are attending the event.

In another post, Ramesh alleged, "Mr. (Narendra) Modi can continue to distort history and divide India, that is Bharat, that is a Union of States. But we will not be deterred." "After all, what is the objective of INDIA parties? It is BHARAT Bring Harmony, Amity, Reconciliation And Trust. Judega BHARAT

Jeetega INDIA!" said Ramesh, whose party is a constituent of the opposition Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA).

Ramesh also urged people to remember that it was the BJP that came up with 'India Shining' to which the Congress' response was 'Aam Aadmi ko Kya Mila'.

"Also remember that it was the BJP that came up with Digital India, Start Up India, New India, and so on to which the Congress' response was the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the first anniversary of whose launch is day after tomorrow," Ramesh added.

The Congress general secretary accused Prime Minister Modi of indulging in distraction from real issues.

"PM presides over a WMD factory—Weapon of Mass Diversion. Divert from increasing price rise, rising joblessness and falling incomes. Divert from closure of MSMEs and distress of farmers. Divert from costly cleanchit to China at the border. Divert from Modani Megascam. Divert from Constitutional breakdown in Manipur. Divert from growing polarisation in Haryana. Divert from the obvious weaknesses and certain defeat of BJP in 5 election-going states," Ramesh said in another post.

All India Congress Committee general secretary K C Venugopal charged that the BJP wants to divide people.

"The BJP's destructive mind can only think of how to divide people. Once again, they are creating a rift between Indians and Bharatiyas. Let's be clear - we are the same! As Article 1 says - India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. This is petty politics because they are scared of INDIA (alliance). Try what you will, Modi ji. Judega Bharat, Jeetega INDIA," Venugopal said on X.

Congress MP and the party's deputy leader in Rajya Sabha, Pramod Tiwari, said, "These people have started hating the word India. But the country is known as India as per our Constitution and they will have to work as per the Constitution." Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said while there is no constitutional objection to calling India 'Bharat', he hopes the government will not be so foolish to completely dispense with 'India' which has incalculable brand value.

In a post on X, Congress MP Manish Tewari said, "Article 52 - Constitution of India. There shall be a President of INDIA. Can't get more explicit than this - Can it?

Welcoming the move of replacing the word "India" with "Bharat" on the invitations sent by President Draupadi Murmu to heads of state, government and Chief Ministers of States for an official banquet on the occasion of the G20 Summit to be held in New Delhi, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai questioned INDIA alliance's objection to it.

The minister also said he can't understand the reason for the objection to 'Bharat' by INDIA Alliance. "Why do they (Congress) love the names of China and Pakistan?"

Speaking to ANI minister Rai said," I can't understand what's the reason for objection. If the invitation card went out as 'President of Bharat', then it's a welcome move. Why do Congress and leaders of the INDIA alliance hate the word, Bharat? The country has been called Bharat for ages, so why the objection now".

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