A Nature’s touch to healing

Dr Deepu’s Clinic in Thrissur goes beyond treatment where the patient is even given soil to grow vegetables meeting dietary needs.
Dr Deepu, Thrissur
Dr Deepu, Thrissur

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Kochi | A patient in his late 60s awaits his turn to meet the doctor. His journey has been tumultuous, marked by the looming need for a liver transplant. Yet, fate added a twist, revealing a diagnosis of cancer. Just two months prior, he was brought to Dr Deepu's Clinic in Thrissur on a stretcher. "After thorough examination, I prescribed a course of homeopathic medicines and recommended dietary changes. Today, he has arrived from Ernakulam, driving his own car," says Dr Deepu. 

What sets Dr Deepu's clinic at Poonkunnam in Thrissur apart is its holistic approach to healthcare. It is not just a medical facility; but it is a sanctuary for learning and transformation. Dr Deepu believes in the power of nature to heal and teaches his patients the importance of proper nutrition, self-sufficiency through growing their own vegetables and the significance of lifestyle changes that enhance vital energy and align with the rhythms of nature. Nature is the ultimate teacher, guiding us towards a balanced and harmonious life, he told Metro Vaartha.

Dr Deepu draws a compelling analogy between the balance required for plants to thrive and the equilibrium needed in human health. Just as plants flourish when the soil and water pH levels are in harmony, humans also require a delicate balance in various aspects of their being. By maintaining this balance, there is no need for concern, as the body functions optimally when all its components are in proper proportion. Just as soil and water complement each other for plant growth, numerous factors in the human body must be kept in equilibrium for overall well-being.

He expresses concern over the rising number of sudden deaths among young individuals without any prior medical history. These incidents, where young people collapse while engaged in physical activities or even during routine tasks like walking, highlight the necessity of reevaluating our lifestyle choices and adopting healthier habits.

Dr Deepu explains that these sudden deaths are often linked to a medical condition called hyperhomocysteinemia, which occurs due to imbalances in vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B12 levels. By ensuring that these nutrients are not deficient and maintaining a healthy buffer zone, such tragic deaths can be prevented.

His approach is grounded in a balanced perspective, blending modern medical technology with natural principles. Despite his holistic outlook, he relies heavily on advanced medical tests to thoroughly understand his patients' conditions. This comprehensive approach allows him to provide the best possible care, especially for those who turn to his clinic as a last resort for alternative treatments.

Dr Deepu highlights the value of traditional knowledge, illustrating how insights from the past can inform modern practices. He shares an example of why elderly women of yesteryears advised against mothers breast-feeding when they were mentally disturbed. This was because of the effect of the mental state on Rennin, the protein-digesting enzyme.

Additionally, he recounts a fascinating application of traditional wisdom in the construction of a massive resort in Zimbabwe without having any airconditioners. This was done drawing inspiration from the cooling properties of termite mounds. Traditional wisdom has to be integrated with contemporary approaches for innovative solutions, he adds.

For more than four decades, Dr Deepu has immersed himself in the practice of medicine. Beyond his clinic, he tends to his own farm, where indigenous cows graze and rice, vegetables, and fruits grow organically under his care. Patients who seek his counsel receive not just medical advice but a holistic approach to healing. Dr Deepu customizes their diets based on their ailments and unique body structures. Remarkably, patients are even provided with soil to cultivate vegetables tailored to their dietary needs, Dr Deepu even utilizes seawater for cultivating plants.

Dr Deepu advocates for a closer alignment with nature, believing that by doing so, we can foster health and wisdom in people. In his quest for innovative solutions, he looks beyond the realm of plants and envisions utilizing flowers with their vibrant colours to elevate lifestyle enhancements to a new level.

Even while being a homeopathy medical practitioner, Dr Deepu emphasizes the crucial balance between body and mind for enduring health. He believes that the application of medical science is essential for treatment, yet maintaining this balance is paramount for sustained well-being.

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