A spring of nature’s beauty awaits you here

Especially during the monsoon season, this enchanting retreat transforms into a radiant dreamland, bathed in cool breezes and misty fog. Mind and body find swift rejuvenation, reaching their fullest vitality.

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On the enchanting route to Lonavala from Mumbai, a turn from Khalapur leads you on a 30-km journey to the idyllic Gaudham Farmhouse, where nature's dazzling wonders await. The road, flanked by only a few scattered houses, is often serenely deserted. As you approach the farmhouse, the final 5 km stretch meanders gracefully along the banks of a tranquil river.

Nestled within a sprawling 15-acre estate, there are approximately 15 charming homestay cottages, all thoughtfully established. Each cottage offers a haven of comfort for a family of four. Additionally, a spacious dormitory, designed to accommodate around 16 guests, ensures ample lodging for larger groups.

Only about half of the 15-acre expanse has been touched by construction, preserving the rest in its pristine, natural splendor. Here, mind and body find swift rejuvenation, reaching their fullest vitality. Especially during the monsoon season, this enchanting retreat transforms into a radiant dreamland, bathed in cool breezes and misty fog.

From the vantage of this hilly farmhouse, every gaze meets a breathtaking tableau. During the monsoon, the landscape transforms into a paradise, adorned with cascading waterfalls and veils of mist, beckoning travellers. From here, one can marvel at the majestic Tiger Point in Lonavala at a distance and the verdant farmlands stretching below.

Staying here transcends mere sightseeing, offering an experience steeped in comfort and delight. A day's cottage booking includes sumptuous breakfast, lunch, evening tea and snacks and a delectable dinner for those who choose. The culinary delights elevate the experience to a new level of pleasure. Complementing the exquisite food is the warm and inviting hospitality of the staff.

Serene little sanctuary of cows and calves

The farmhouse, home to around 150 cows, has a dedicated unit to produce fresh milk, curd and ghee, all of which are in high demand in the market. Visitors have the unique opportunity to purchase these farm-fresh dairy products directly, enjoying a 15 per cent discount. These exquisite milk products are also used to prepare the sumptuous meals for guests, offering them a chance to savour the pure, qualitative taste of farm-to-table goodness.

Residents can delight in the enchanting sight of cows being bathed and milked live, with the opportunity to even try their hand at this chore. For many urban children, witnessing the milking process firsthand will be a novel and captivating experience.

The difference between packet milk and fresh, wholesome cow's milk becomes evident through the rich flavour of freshly brewed milk tea or coffee. The aarti for cows, a sacred ritual, is a unique highlight here, respecting the animal with devotion. The cows are milked only at 4 pm, ensuring the calves have had their fill first.

Visitors can get to learn about production of milk products too. The employees are all-willing to explain things. An added attraction is the guide walking with the visitors and explaining everything around.

Malayali touch to farm tourism

Nestled in the picturesque Khopoli valley of Raigad district, a mere 72 km from bustling Mumbai, lies this idyllic farmhouse. Already a beloved destination among farm tourists, this serene retreat is operated by the Carnival Group, under the guidance of Malayali leadership.

Immersing yourself and your family in the lap of nature amidst this serene and captivating atmosphere offers a refreshing escape from the city's relentless hustle and bustle. Here, mornings greet you with the melodious chirping of birds, awakening a sense of tranquility and renewal.

Each cottage in this eco-friendly farmhouse, nestled along the banks of a river, is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings.

Embarking on a scenic two-hour drive from Mumbai for a picturesque rural charm transports you to this pastoral haven, nestled amidst grasslands. The cottages are artfully designed to offer sweeping vistas of the lush farmlands and quaint villages below.

Wellness through Kairali

'Kairali', a distinctive Kerala Ayurvedic wellness centre, is being run on the farm. Staffed by skilled doctors and therapists deeply versed in their craft, the centre, utilizing natural herbs and oils, offers treatments such as abhyanga (therapeutic massage), shirodhara (forehead oil application), panchakarma (detoxification therapies), and soothing steam baths to rejuvenate the body and the spirit.

Glimmers of Enlightenment

This sanctuary is perfect for both nature enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. Immerse yourself in the symphony of natural sounds and let your thoughts wander beneath the canopy of stars. The farmhouse is also available for cherished occasions like  birthday and wedding celebrations. Employees reveal that many writers and artists frequent this haven, drawn by its serene beauty—an ideal environment not just for relaxation, but also for the inspiration to read and write.

The morning unfolds with a mystical mist veiling the hills, where droplets of water cascade from the leaves, and a gentle breeze brings a touch of coolness and profound comfort—an enchanting start to the day!

The fully equipped farm stay offers a humble yet cozy experience. As you take in the panoramic views and descend from the hill, the radiance of newfound wisdom will accompany you, illuminating your journey with clarity and wonder.

How to reach there

If on train, disembark at Khopoli and head westward towards Fatta. A brief rickshaw ride, costing Rs 20, will take you to the nearby bus stand. From there, buses to Parali are available at Rs 50 per seat. A final rickshaw ride from Parali will bring you to the farm.

Places of attraction nearby

Ganapati Temple Pali (22 km)

Pali Trekking Point (22 km)

Gagangiri Math (28 km)

Murgad Fort (5 km)

Contact details

website: https://gaudham.org/
Email id: gaudhammanager@periyarfarms.com
Mobile: 7738999004