'Golden' Opportunities: Exploring the enduring allure of the precious metal

Explore the history, beauty, and investment potential of gold, the greatest investment of living days. Learn why gold holds a prime position in the financial transactions of mankind. Don't miss out on the lifetime guarantee that comes with gold!
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by Jaseena Abdul Kalam Reena Beevi

The history of the world begins with the chronicle of gold. The chronicle of gold gave birth to the concept of wealth. Possession of gold is an early form of wealth acquisition. Gold is the most intellectual and valuable ethical form among metals. Natural beauty is inherent in gold in its unique form. Gold represents wealth, holiness, pride, and tradition in different civilizations. It influenced the accumulated beliefs and ritual practices of man. A careful analysis of the history of the world based on man’s trade negotiations will reveal that gold is the metal that has been involved in determining the future of mankind. When we realize that the expansion of empire also means the filling of coffers and wealth is the major and most obvious basic form of modern development, it becomes clear that gold held the first place in it.

''The first thrifty man on earth may have discovered gold and possessed it.'' Despite the lack of historical evidence, the dominance of gold in the market reinforces this abstract fact. As gold becomes increasingly influential in the contemporary world, it certainly has a strong history. So, this intellectually abstract fact cannot be depreciated. Only on the basis of that fact, the study of gold is possible, its interference on markets and the history of mankind becomes clear. This is how gold has come to influence the world’s ideas of investment, wealth, and beauty.

The proposition of investment is to get more profit than the investment property. But it also depends on the influence of the external environment. This will create a decline in profits. This decline also depends on the value of the investing property. This is where gold differs from other investments. Gold always gives the investor a profit over the value at the time of investment. Because of this feature of gold regardless of any type of fluctuations, it can be said that “gold is the greatest investment of living days.” This is how gold has occupied a prime position in the financial transactions of man since it entered the market.

Gold became the back storage of man’s wealth along with the growth of the trade market. It has transformed into the core of financial independence of the general public. Gold has been considered the best and most useful investment to satisfy basic human needs. This is the factor that brought people to the social consciousness of financial independence. The basic requirements of people vary according to time and period. Gold has opened its investment potential before man as a solution, considering all these differences. This gradually brought human consciousness to a revolutionary social development strategy called financial freedom. With the distension of the social transformative concept of financial freedom, the market of gold usurped the supremacy of the commercial sector. As a result of this, a new cultural consciousness and thought emerged in society. This marked the beginning of a new chapter of economic conviction. This transformative potential has created a replete social movement in human life. The society has witnessed the emergence of gold as a symbol of tradition, pride, dignity, honor, nobility, prestige, endowment, and security. Gold has found its unique place in all rituals, practices, and beliefs associated with man. Also, its resonances are reflected in the practical thoughts of man. This has opened new vistas in the gold market. Thus, financial flexibility is the impact of the revolutionary social realization of financial independence and financial freedom.

Flexibility is the ability of an object to change according to the needs of people who access it. Financial flexibility is the ability of a commodity to satisfy the financial needs of any individual in a suitable manner. Gold is the only metal in the world that exhibits this feature intensively. This realization, along with the acquisition of the ownership of gold, brings financial flexibility for man. This again raises the value of gold. The realization that no investment other than gold can perform so flexibly is a factor that increases the value of gold. Thus, gold brings man to the application of this realization and makes him financially flexible.

The development of mankind and the development of the gold market are directly proportional. If we consider financial independence, financial freedom, and financial flexibility as indicators of the individual growth of a man, the importance of gold is undisputed. Gold accomplishes all these features at the level of investment.

Investment = financial independence → financial freedom → financial flexibility

Gold = beauty + investment x diversity

Diversity refers to a variety of differences. Gold has the characteristic of maintaining a varied and distinct personality and exhibiting a multifaceted nature. It is a quality infused only in gold. It acts multifaceted but always maintains its uniqueness. From divine, and ethnic to the most modern collection, this versatility of gold is projected.

→ Heritage Diversity → mythological → modern

Tradition is defined as the succession of generations of living and nonliving organisms from the present to the past. At any particular period in this chain of tradition, there will be facts, events, persons, etc., that reveal its dignity and there may be more than one at a time. It will also influence the present situation. Living in the present and boasting about the past is the influence of that particular period in the tradition mentioned above.

The traditional argument of gold as an inorganic substance is objective and substantiates the above facts. A design of gold that was once in vogue, later gaining and maintaining its predominance with vigor is a proclamation of that tradition. Thus, tradition plays a part in conceiving the concept of beauty that gold has in the human mind. While the dignity of tradition gives gold a prominent place in human conceptions of beauty, its links are seen to be extended to objects in other spheres as well. Gold continues to claim a long tradition, along with its consistent nature without losing its supremacy in any era. The fact that gold has such a long history unmatched by anything is a testament to its antiquity. This is a character that man gives to the beauty concept of gold. In this way, since gold occupies a priceless position in man’s sense of beauty, it can be seen that gold’s involvement in man’s eternal concept of beauty is insignificant after gold reached the market. As gold holds this position in man’s concept of beauty, it can be seen that the initial nature of man’s concept of beauty was created through gold, and the origin of man’s sense of beauty is vested in gold. Thus, gold created a sense of beauty combined with tradition, antiquity, and ancestry in man.

Gold is beautiful by itself and can enhance beauty. Beauty = quality + value. Beauty has been attractive and admired since the dawn of time. Although beauty can be evaluated in different ways of sensual perception, the common element of such evaluation is quality. Gold is a product that excels in this feature. Quality, excellence, and purity are inherent in gold and it beautifies beauty itself. So, the beauty of gold is its quality. The quality of gold is its value. Thus, the concept of the beauty of gold becomes wider and reaches at the equation, beauty = aesthetic sense + pleasure of the senses + quality. In any investment, no metal other than gold can glorify the concept of beauty and thereby satisfy man’s needs and lead him to happiness and peace. Thus, the new perspective of gold as the “greatest of living days” becomes wider.

By giving equal importance to beauty and investment in the daily life of man, gold has led society to a new way of thinking. This has expanded the horizons of man's concept of beauty and prompted reflection on investment. It is through this shift that the demand for lightweight ornaments emerged, creating a platform for a new concept of beauty.

A particular society or nation can no longer claim that this new sense of beauty belongs to them and thus it assures a universal identity. The concepts of investment, beauty, and serendipity became a single concept based on gold. This feature of gold thus dissolves the boundaries of countries and creates a new world where there are two categories of people. They are producers and consumers. The process of buying and selling gold becomes the most profitable and secure trade, that satisfies both the producer and consumer. Gold is the safest and most powerful investment for those who have a vision of the future. This is evident in the fluctuating price until today. Suppose gold undergoes a price fluctuation due to the influence of some factors like geo-political tensions, supply and demand, mining and refining costs, etc., even when there is a situation where the price goes down. In that case, the next hike occurs with an increase in price that has fallen. This fact is evident in the history of price fluctuations of gold. For a futuristic population, this history fosters trust in gold. This trust transforms into investment sectors such as purchasing physical gold, investing in mutual funds, and investing in gold mining companies. Gold’s growth as a figure factor controlling the world economy brings it into the value where gold determines the demand and supply. The factors that influence the economic fluctuations of the world can cause a permanent decline in the demand for gold because the demand for gold increases along with the price increase and it remains an icon of the world economy. This is also an answer to the question, “why gold?” in the world market.

The history of the world is intertwined with gold. Its unique nature leads customers to believe that, regardless of decorative investment conditions or financial fluctuations in the external world, gold can maintain a positive futuristic trajectory. This special characteristic of gold consistently drives up its demand and value. Through innovative designs, adaptation to changing eras and generations, and market dominance, gold has become an increasingly attractive commodity. It transcends the value of money, even possessing the strength to purchase currency itself and establish itself as an immortal and unbeatable force in the market. In essence, this is how gold solidifies its reputation as the Greatest of Living Days. Remember, GOLD COMES WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Jaseena Abdul Kalam Reena Beevi
Jaseena Abdul Kalam Reena Beevi

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