Sudents develop anti-sleep alert system to curb mishaps

Students here have developed an anti-sleep alert system to prevent road accidents.
Sudents develop anti-sleep 
alert system to curb mishaps

Indore | Students here have developed an anti-sleep alert system to prevent road accidents. It buzzes when the driver falls asleep and automatically halts the vehicle. “When the driver's eyes are closed, a sensor in the system triggers a buzzer to rouse him up. The car's wheel stops and the vehicle cannot move if the driver's eyes are still closed after the buzzer has sounded,” they said.

Five students worked for three weeks to build the system. After a bus accident in the Hoshangabad district, one of the students said he was motivated to create an alarm system for truck and bus drivers. It appeared that the motorist was sleeping at the steering wheel when the tragedy occurred.

Following the uploading of the video on Twitter, where students are seen demonstrating the anti-sleep alarm systems, several Twitter users commended the efforts and some voiced concerns about the system's need for improvement. What if the sensor produces a false value at 100k speed, asked one Twitter user. Another said, "But stopping the wheels all of a sudden can do more," while one person said, "What about the wheels?"

The alarm created by students is quite simple and has not yet entered production. There might need to be a lot of testing and fixing initially

It is an effort in the right direction, though, the country sees a lot of road accident cases when the motorist falls asleep. It typically happens on highways where truck and bus drivers are required to work at night or operate their vehicles for extended periods of time without rest.

40 black spots, 150 deaths a year

Indore | The road safety committee has decided to have a plan readied for the city. A road safety fund will also be set up. Four sub-committees will be constituted to give suggestions regarding safety and their implement.

As many as 40 black spots have been identified from Niranjanpur to Mangalia, Bhawarkua Square, Bicholi Hapsi Bridge, Lavkush Square, Bapat Square, MR-10 Square, Super Corridor Bohra Colony Square and Pipliyahana Square. Efforts have been on for the last two years to make necessary improvement.

Corporation Commissioner Harshika Singh, DCP Traffic Manish Aggarwal and Additional Collector Ajay Dev Sharma were present at a meeting chaired by Collector Ilaiah Raja T. The Collector said the district road safety committee would now be held on the first and third Monday of every month.

There would be experts in every committee like those for engineering, creating awareness and emergency arrangements.

The committees would also have officers of the departments concerned, technical experts and non-official members.

Under the plan, a site would be found to park sand trucks in Devguradia area. Strict action will be taken against those breaking signal rules. There would be regular patrolling on the highway.

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